Samuel A. Kiburz

Samuel serves as Senior Vice President, Chief Investment Officer for the Crews family of banks. He manages the individual investment holdings of his clients, including individuals, families, foundations, and institutions throughout the State of Florida. Samuel has been involved in banking since 1996 and has more than 20 years experience working in wealth management.

Investments are not a deposit or other obligation of, or guaranteed by, the bank, are not FDIC insured, not insured by any federal government agency, and are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of principal.

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Recent Posts

Chart of the Day: Working Less

Today’s Chart of the Day from Bloomberg is called, “Americans are Working Less.” After the pandemic, many are working fewer hours a week.


Chart of the Day: Only One Out of Three

Today’s Chart of the Day from BlackRock shows that only 34%, or roughly one out of three, stocks outperformed the index for the last 35 years.


Create a Lasting Legacy by Supporting Causes You Care About

By giving to a community foundation, you can support the causes that matter most to you and make a real difference in the lives of others. Professional staff and portfolio managers help ensure that your donation is used effectively and efficiently. They also provide ongoing monitoring and oversight of the organizations they support, ensuring that your gift is making a lasting impact. The first donation to the Harvard Endowment of approximately $20,000 in today’s dollars was over 400 years ago.  Therefore, a timeline of 500 years for an endowed fund is possible. 


Chart of the Day: Combined Market Area

Today’s Chart of the Day is a sidestep from my typical financial ones. The chart shows the combined market area after the Crews family of banks (Charlotte State Bank & Trust, Crews Bank & Trust, Englewood Bank & Trust, and Wauchula State Bank) unify under the Crews Bank & Trust brand in September. To learn more, visit


Chart of the Day: 25% of Tasks Done by AI

Today’s Chart of the Day from Goldman Sachs shows the percentage of tasks per industry that could be automated by artificial intelligence. Administrative tasks are the highest at 46%, with the average across all industries being 25%.


Chart of the Day: Housing Affordability

Today's Chart of the Day from Fortune illustrates the components of housing affordability, which include changes in incomes, rates, and prices. There is an ebb and flow, but currently rates are the primary driver.


Chart of the Day: Hurricanes vs. Equator

Today’s Chart of the Day is not finance related, but still fascinating. Shared by the NASA Earth Observatory, the Coriolis forces at the equator are zero.


Chart of the Day: 1.5 Days a Year

Today’s Chart of the Day is from J.P. Morgan’s updated Guide to Retirement. It calculates your total return having missed the 30 best days for last 20 years ending 2022.


Chart of the Day: Tax Share

Today’s Chart of the Day from the Wall Street Journal shows the share of taxes paid vs. the share of total income. The $100,000-$500,000 range is pretty even, while those making more than $1 million, who only have a 15% share, pay nearly 40% of total taxes.


Chart of the Day: When to Take Social Security

Today’s Chart of the Day from J.P. Morgan shows when to take social security to maximize benefits.