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How to Use Credit Cards Responsibly: 5 Things to Do

Using a personal credit card can seem complicated, especially if you’re working to build credit. It’s a balance between spending enough to build your credit history, but not overspending and going into debt. Challenging? Sure, but definitely not impossible. Here are our five tips for using your credit card responsibly. 


93 Years of Commitment and Counting

As a family-owned and operated bank, we pride ourselves on serving the individuals, families, and businesses of Florida by providing premier banking services with a hometown touch.


Financial Literacy for Children Starts at Home: How to Talk to Your Child About Money

Most parents dread having “the talk” with their kids. The talk generally refers to the birds and the bees, but there are other subjects parents might shy away from, such as the existence of Santa Claus (yes, Virginia, he’s real) or finances. 


Crews Family of Banks: Community Banking With a History of Trust

What are you looking for in a bank? We’re willing to bet it’s not long lines, advisors who tell you what to do without listening to your needs, or lengthy call menus to navigate when you need help. The Crews Family of Banks have been around long enough to know what you want in a community bank, and we’re committed to providing that personalized service to each of our clients.


Choose Local: 10 Benefits of Community Banks

Community banks are threaded into the local economy of many towns in the country. By serving the local residents and businesses with necessary financial services, community banks help them get ahead in their corner of the world.