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Our online calculators are a resource to help you explore, solve, and revisit your financial needs and opportunities.

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Financial Literacy


The My Money Program, created by the Florida Department of Financial Services, is a comprehensive and inclusive financial literacy program and resource clearinghouse for individuals with developmental disabilities, as well as their family members and caregivers.

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Kids' Corner

Learning about money is important at all ages.

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Teens' Lounge

Start working toward your financial goals early.

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Financial Answers Center

Our Financial Answers Center offers financial education at your fingertips.

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Communities We Serve

Wauchula State Bank proudly supports our communities in Hardee, Highlands, and Polk Counties.

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Routing Number

Setting up direct deposit? Starting to make online payments? Get the information you need.

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Want to know how to do something right now? Want to learn more about our products and services? Get answers to frequently asked questions.

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Online Banking Tutorials

Banking online is easy. Start learning how to do it by watching helpful videos.

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Security Resources

Learn about the steps you can take to make your computer and personal information more secure.

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Retirement planning considerations

In the AARP’s “Five Secrets to a Happy Retirement,” Secret No 1 is “money isn’t everything.” Solid counterarguments notwithstanding, remember that in retirement, you won’t be commuting to work, paying payroll taxes toward Social Security and Medicare, or putting a chunk of every paycheck into a retirement account.

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What do I need to know before buying a home?

First things first, and that means getting your personal finances in order. Track your living expenses and create a strict budget, which will be invaluable in finding a home you can afford.

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Business owners: Your data is at risk from ransomware

Your company’s computer files are the lifeblood of your business, and cybercriminals are out to steal them. Imagine you or an employee receive an email at work that looks legitimate and includes a link the sender asks you to click for more information. As soon as you click on it, your entire network locks up and your entire operation grinds to a painful halt.

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