FAQ | Hours & Cut-Off Times

Q: What are your daily cut-off times?

A: ATM Deposits :
12:00 pm ATM Deposits

Wires :
3:00 pm Outgoing Domestic and International Wires
3:00 pm Incoming wires

Account Transfers and Loan Payments :
4:00 pm Online Banking transfers to external accounts
5:30 pm Telephone Transfers and Loan Payments
7:30 pm Online Banking transfers and Loan Payments
7:30 pm BankLine 24 transfers and Loan Payments

Mobile Check Deposit :
11:00 am (mid-day) Mobile Check Deposit
4:00 pm (end of day) Mobile Check Deposit

Bill Pay :
4:00 pm for Bill Payment (electronic and check)

Cash Management :
4:00 pm ACH Origination
11:00 am (mid-day) Business Express Deposit
4:00 pm (end of day) Business Express Deposit
5:00 pm Positive Pay