FAQ | General


Q: What is Wauchula State Bank’s routing number?

A: Our bank routing number is 063104927. This is also Wauchula State Bank's ABA number.

Q: What are your wire instructions?

A: Receiving Bank:
Wauchula State Bank
106 East Main Street
Wauchula, Florida 33873
ABA # 063104927
Phone: 863-773-4151

For Credit to:
Customer Name
Physical Address
Account Number

Overdraft Transfer

Q: How does your overdraft transfer work?

A: The balance in the account from which funds will be transferred must have sufficient funds to cover all insufficient items plus a $2.00 transfer fee. You may sign up for our Automatic Transfer Service for overdraft protection. With this service, funds are transferred from your savings to your checking account when there is not enough money in your checking account to cover your transaction. The transfer fee is only $2 per day, regardless of the number of items being covered. We transfer the exact amount necessary to cover the overdraft and let you know when a transfer has been made.

Q: Can I use my savings account for overdraft transfer?

A: Yes. You may use your savings account for Automatic Transfer Service for overdraft protection.