Positive Pay

Positive Pay is a check fraud prevention tool and check reconciliation system that makes it easier for you to protect and manage your account information. Our web-based system is simple, secure, safe and conveniently accessed through your Commercial Online Banking.

Each day you will transmit to Wauchula State Bank a list of issued checks through your Commercial Online Banking. The items are systematically matched by check number, account number and dollar amount to the checks paid from the prior business day. Any item that does not match is automatically presented to you for a payment decision. You instruct the bank if you wish to return such an item.

Consider these benefits for your company:

  • Simple - Positive Pay is easy to use, plus you have the flexibility to designate other Online Banking users in your company to upload and/or enter your issued checks.
  • Safe and Secure - increase security against potential fraud. Because items are reviewed daily, fraud can be stopped as it occurs rather than being discovered during account reconciliation.
  • Convenient - Quickly and easily view positive pay exception items on a daily basis.

To learn more about Positive Pay or Wauchula State Bank’s other Cash Management services, contact us today.