Automated Clearing House (ACH) Origination

ACH Origination is a simple and low-cost way to move money quickly. You can pay vendors and employees, or collect recurring receivables such as membership fees, utility payments and more.

Advantages of Direct Deposit / Disbursements

  • Simple – simplifies the account reconciliation process 
  • Confidential – reduces the risk of check fraud by eliminating payroll checks
  • Safe – eliminates the possibility of lost, stolen or damaged checks. 
  • Efficient – reduces the cost involved in processing paper checks 
  • Convenient – Saves your employees the trip to the bank to deposit their payroll checks

Advantages of Collecting Customer Payments

  • Simple – streamlines the labor-intensive manual processes involved in handling check payments, improving the accuracy and efficiency of your operations. 
  • Safe - reduces returned payments and posting errors due to the speed of processing payments and the increased accuracy of customer information. 
  • Improved Cash Flow - Payment collection is timely and automated; your company always knows when it will be receiving payments. 
  • Efficient - enhance your customer experience and increase loyalty by providing a convenient payment option that is reliable, accurate, convenient, and confidential.

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