Fraud Alert: Scammers are identifying themselves as bank employees to steal information and cash

Posted by Wauchula State Bank on Apr 10, 2020 2:40:24 PM

WSB CVD19 Scams InfographicCriminals often take advantage of uncertain times, leading to an increase in fraudulent activity. Please remember, we will never call you to ask you to provide or verify your full account number, username, password, debit card number, unique PIN or Social Security number. If you receive a call from someone requesting this information, even if the caller ID looks like it is coming from the bank, immediately hang up and report it to our Customer Care Team at 844-287-4225

Wauchula State Bank has recently received information about multiple customers being contacted by a “spoofed” phone number that is imitating the bank’s main line (863-773-4151) or toll free number (844-287-4225) on caller ID. The scammer identifies themselves as a bank employee and states that they are contacting the customer because of fraud associated with the customer’s debit card. Some customers have reported that the fraudster is able to verify their entire card number, address, or their social security number. The fraudster then states that they will be issuing the customer a new debit card and asks that the customer verify their PIN. Once the PIN is shared, they inform the customer that the PIN from the old card will carry over to the new card.

Never share your debit card number or unique PIN with anyone who calls you, even if the caller ID looks like it is a call from the bank; instead, immediately hang up and contact our Customer Care Team at 844-287-4225. If you have released personal information or if you think you have been a victim of fraud please contact the bank or notify local law enforcement immediately. You, our bank customers, are our number one priority.

With COVID-19, the fraudsters are out in force with scams involving a variety of communication channels, including email, phone calls, letters, text messages, faxes and social media. Read COVID-19 Brings Out the Scammers for more information and tips to help keep criminals at bay. 


Posted by Wauchula State Bank

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